Our Mission:

Education for all

We believe education can be a catalyst for Hope. We currently offer educational services to the inmates of the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center in GED Certification, English as a Second Language Classes, Continuing Education Preparation, Entrepreneurship, Freedom from Addiction, Music, and Creative Writing. We aim to equip, inspire, and encourage every student who engages in our courses, giving them a chance for a better future. 



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Our Programs


General education diploma (GED) 

Our GED courses are designed to help students become test-ready for the official test that is offered once a month in the jail via our partnership with Chattahoochee Technical College. If the students pass the official test, they receive a high-school equivalent diploma which can aid greatly in getting a job once released.


Scientific studies have found that music stimulates the brain more than any other human function. It aids in building cognitive function, repairs memory loss, reduces pain, and relieves stress as well as other therapeutic outcomes. We believe that by teaching Fundamentals of Music, Choral Singing, Ethnomusicology, and Composition we can equip our students with the skills of self-control, discipline, determination, and a more complete worldview.

English as a second language (ESL)

Our English as a Second Language classes aim to equip non-native english speakers with a better understanding of the English language. We use a variety of teaching methods to accomplish this goal as our students come to us from varying backgrounds and skill levels. 

Creative writing

All forms of composition through Creative Writing engage our students in metacognition, that is, thinking about their thinking. We believe metacognition is a powerful tool in changing the way one thinks and, as a direct result, in changing an individual's behavior. We also believe Art is an unmatched force for good, and therefore deserves a high place among the courses we offer.

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October 2017

The GED program can be used as a leading definition of reducing recidivism, helping inmates remember that they have the choice to change.

Brittany Jourdan / Read Full Testimony




The best way to join us in spreading hope through education is to volunteer. We have many different opportunities available ranging from a wide variety of passions, gifts, and strengths that you may have! If you have any interest in joining Lion Life, please fill out our Volunteer Application by clicking the link below!

*We are currently taking donations of paper backed books for our in-jail library. Please email lionlifeinfo@gmail.com for more information.